How safe is your business from fire?

Have you ever fully considered the above question?

When was your Fire Risk Assessment last Reviewed (assuming you have one)?

Do all your staff receive annual Fire Refresher Training?

The prevention and control of fire within all premises should be an essential part of any management strategy. Unfortunately this is often not the case. According to a report by The Chief Fire Officers Association, the average cost of a fire for a medium sized commercial business in 2013 was £147,000. And to make matters worse, it is believed that around 70% of businesses either never recover, or fail within 3 years of having a serious fire.

In recent years The Fire Service's role has been to inspect premises as an "enforcing authority" and if it is discovered that the regulations have not been complied with to their satisfaction they have wide reaching powers - including those to prosecute. They may decide to restrict or prohibit the use of part, or all of the premises, or issue enforcement or deficiency notices. They follow a risk based inspection programme with the higher life risk premises e.g. hospitals, care homes and hotels given a higher priority at the top of their list. Also they are likely to inspect after a complaint and after an actual fire.
Sentences for non compliance can potentially include substantial fines and even imprisonment.

Regulatory Reform  (Fire Safety) Order 2005

The above is also referred to as "The RRO" or "The Fire Regulations" These fire regulations place the responsibility on all employers to carry out a fire risk assessment within their premises which should be in a written format if there are five or more employees.

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